Free Inflammation, Degeneration & Toxicity Assessment – Valued at $43

acupuncture_back_painNatural Pain Solutions Australia is currently offering a free Inflammation, Degeneration & Toxicity Assessment, valued at $43, with your first consultation. Please request this when making your booking so we can allocate time for the assessment.

Inflammation is directly affected by the level of toxins in your body and also impacts the your body’s degeneration. Our test links these three factors and gives you a visual map of where you are in relation to the ideal.

Testing is done using our advanced Meridian Stress Assessment System. Complete Organ and Body System scans are also available if you would like a full overview of your health.

Every day we are exposed to toxins, whether from air pollution, outgassing from carpets and furniture, leakage of plastic compounds into our food and drink from plastic containers and bottles, chemicals in makeup, toothpaste, deodorant and skincare products, pharmaceutical medications, unfiltered water – not to mention all the additives to processed foods and drinks that we consume daily. Stress can also increase internal toxicity because your body doesn’t function as efficiently and so often can’t eliminate toxins well.

When the body is in a state of toxic overload, inflammation results and can manifest in a myriad of ways – for example, muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraine, irritable bowel syndrome and other gut problems, arthritis, weight gain, cancer and many more. And of course, the extra stress on your body also affects the rate at which your body degenerates.

Most people don’t know how inflamed or toxic they are and therefore don’t do anything about it… Once you know, then you’re in a powerful position, as you can then take action if you need to.

Please Contact Us to make your appointment. And remember to ask for your Free Inflammation Assessment so we can allocate time before your consultation!

Please note there is only one free Assessment per person.