Endometriosis pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs and acupuncture with the goal of both relieving symptoms and treating the cause of endometriosis, assessed using TCM diagnostic methods.

Relieve the Pain of Endometriosis and Rebalance Your Health

We offer acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicine consultations to relieve endometriosis in Ringwood, Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

Having endometriosis can be a confronting and complex experience for women.  Not only can it cause intense pain, but it’s often entangled with feelings of anxiety and stress too.  Endometriosis can impact fertility, often affecting a woman’s sense of self and plans for the future.  Our acupuncture clinic in Ringwood, Melbourne, treats endometriosis using acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and natural medicine principles such as nutrition and clinical testing.

About Endometriosis

Endometriosis, sometimes called “endo,” is estimated to affect about 11% of women.  It gets its name from the word “endometrium”, the tissue that normally lines the uterus, which grows and sheds each month with the menstrual cycle. The condition happens when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of your uterus and on other areas in your body where it doesn’t belong.

Endometriosis affects each woman differently, however pain is a common symptom.  The location of the endometriosis changes the severity of symptoms, more than how far the endometriosis has spread. Other symptoms include:

  • painful periods
  • pain during or after sex
  • abdominal, lower back and pelvic pain
  • pain during ovulation, including pain in your thighs or legs
  • pain when going to the toilet
  • pain that gets worse over time
  • bladder and bowel problems (e.g. urgent/frequent urination, constipation or diarrhea)
  • bloating related to your period
  • fatigue, especially near your period
  • vaginal discomfort
  • mood conditions (e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • asthma

Endometriosis and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

One of the advantages of choosing Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat endometriosis is that TCM treats the person, not the disease.  For example, if three different women present to our clinic with a medical endometriosis diagnosis, each woman will receive her own custom herbal medicine, and her acupuncture treatment will also be tailored according to the practitioner’s TCM diagnosis on the day.  This is because TCM treats the causes of a condition, not just the symptoms – and the causes, as diagnosed using TCM methods, can vary dramatically from one woman to the next.

How can TCM address the causes of endometriosis, when Western medicine says the cause is unknown?

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine is a completely different diagnostic and medical system to Western medicine?  Sometimes it’s difficult for us in the West to imagine this.  We’re so used to how Western medicine sees the body that it’s hard to imagine anything different!

One of the key differences is that TCM doesn’t see the body in terms of concrete diseases that have singular causes and which need to be ‘cured’.  Instead, it views ill-health as a result of “patterns of disharmony” which are different for each individual, even if their symptoms are similar.  Rather than curing the disease, the goal in TCM is simply to change the patterns of disharmony – which cause the symptoms – into patterns of harmony. This is achieved by using acupuncture, herbs and other techniques to impact the flow of nutrients, oxygen and nerve impulses to restore health.  Once harmony is restored, symptoms naturally disappear.

Although this may all sound a little abstract, remember that Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of years of accumulated experience, handed down through generations of doctors.  This means that Chinese Medicine doctors have a vast bank of knowledge to draw upon when choosing acupuncture points and herbal medicine combinations to create the desired change in the body.

Endometriosis and acupuncture

Additionally, there is solid scientific evidence that TCM can help with endometriosis.  A 2017 systematic review and meta-analysis for “Effects of acupuncture for the treatment of endometriosis-related pain” found that “the current literature suggests that acupuncture reduces pain and serum CA-125 levels, regardless of the control intervention used,”  Further high-quality studies are required to confirm this conclusion.

We also embrace naturopathic principles and healing methods

At our clinic, we have a strong interest in using the best of western natural medicine, utilising vitamin, mineral and enzyme therapy as part of our treatment approach.  Thorough clinical testing is also available, meaning that you as a client will gain an excellent understanding of your current health status. You can also follow your progress, once you have a testing benchmark.

How to make an appointment to treat Endometriosis

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Please note: the above information is general in nature and should not be used as medical advice.  Every person is unique and should seek individual health advice.