Back Pain treatments

The back, neck or joint pain is a message.  It’s NOT the true problem; it’s a symptom that is shouting at you to pay attention and look deeper.

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Joint Pain: Get help with musculoskeletal issues.

We offer back pain treatment in Ringwood using acupuncture and targeted nutritional and herbal medicine. We also treat other musculo-skeletal pain such as as neck pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain and joint pain.

At Acupuncture Solutions, musculoskeletal problems like back pain, neck pain, knee pain and joint pain are one of the primary reasons people come to see us.

Some people come to us just for pain relief.  Others, who may be experiencing chronic or recurring pain, are looking for a more in-depth approach to try to correct the problem at its source.

Most of us think of pain as something that happens to our body.  From our perspective, it’s the other way around:  your body makes pain, and it makes it for a reason.  If you accidentally touch a hot stove, it’s not actually the hot stove that’s causing you pain – it’s your body, which is very sensibly making pain so that you remove your hand as fast as possible.  Similarly, your body makes back, neck or joint pain for a reason – it doesn’t just randomly occur.  The pain is a message.  It’s NOT the true problem; it’s a symptom that is shouting at you to pay attention and look deeper.   A healthy, well-nourished, well-aligned, strong body won’t make back pain.

If your body is making pain and not healing on its own, or if your pain keeps recurring, you need to ask why.

At Acupuncture Solutions, we use both Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation with the goal of giving your body the best possible chance to heal.

We invite you to book in today for an Initial Acupuncture with Assessment if you are after symptomatic relief, or an Initial Acupuncture with Comprehensive Consultation if you would like to investigate the root cause of your back, neck or joint pain.  Please click the booking button on the left to make an appointment, Contact Us here or call us on 8904 1488.

Please note: the above information is general in nature and should not be used as medical advice.  Every person is unique and should seek individual health advice.