Appointment Guide

Your First Visit

New clients can sometimes be a little confused about which appointment to choose.

At Acupuncture Solutions, we give you the option of focusing purely on symptom relief, or of getting to the root cause of your health issues.

If you’re primarily interested in trying acupuncture for symptom relief, we recommend you book for an Initial Acupuncture with Assessment.  This appointment consists of a 20 minute assessment, followed by an acupuncture treatment.

If you’d like to get stuck into a more investigative process, you’ll need longer with our practitioner.  The Initial Acupuncture with Comprehensive Consultation will be the best option to choose.  As well as using traditional TCM diagnostic techniques, this option also includes an electrodermal scan which gives an excellent overview of your current health status, giving both you and the practitioner a deeper insight into your body.

Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent appointments are usually booked at the desk after your appointment, however you can also book them online.  If you are having acupuncture treatments, usually the practitioner will see you weekly or twice-weekly, depending on your health situation, for the first few sessions.

For Chinese herbal medicine, a follow-up appointment is usually booked for 2 weeks after the initial appointment, followed by 2 weekly or monthly consultations as needed.

Online Bookings

All our clients have access to their own booking portal, where they can see their appointment history, upcoming appointments and any documents the practitioner would like you to see. Clients can also book new appointments, reschedule and cancel as needed.  Family members can be added as well, making it easy to keep track of upcoming appointments.

SMS and Email Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

We send email and SMS reminders for appointments, which most clients find very handy.  Please note we do have a full fee Cancellation Policy, as our clinic is often very busy with waiting times of up to 15 days.  You can read about it here.

Still not sure?

Please Contact Us here, or call our friendly team on 03 8904 1488.